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Welcome to, the leading student loan site on the web. Our extensive network for students, graduate students, and parents provides information, articles, and resources to help you make the best decision about your college and financial future. provides you with information in order to access a variety of products including private and federal student loan consolidation programs, scholarship and grants. PremierStudentLoan also offers free quotes helping you find the best student loan rates and lenders in your area. Browse our nationwide directory to connect with student loan consolidation programs as well as education and financing services. Finance your future, today!

Student Loan Articles
Guide To Finding The Perfect College For You
Critical factors that College applicants should consider when searching for the perfect school.

Student Loan Consolidation: A Treasure Chest For College Grads
Benefits reaped by college students who choose to consolidate their student loans.

Student Loan Borrowing Process
Learn about college loan options including federal student loans, private student loans and student loan consolidation.

Student Loans: How Much Should You Borrow?
How to evaluate your present and future financial situation to determine what type of college student loan is best for you, such as federal student loans and private student loans. provides information about financial aid, scholarships, grants, college loans and the student loan consolidation process. Browse our directory of colleges and universities or student loan consolidation programs across the country. Whether you are taking a college course online, applying for a business school, medical school, private school, graduate school, online school or vocational school, we have solutions for you!

Top Headlines
Consolidating Your College Loans
Learn all about consolidating your college student loans

How to Consolidate Student Loans
Learn what you can do to consolidate your student loan debt

No Cosigner Student Loans Can Help with Bad Credit
Become familiar with types of No Credit Check Student Loans and Poor Credit Student Loans

Preventing Defaulted Student Loans
Understand the roles of Student Loans and the consequences of Default

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